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Artist Statement

In my paintings I like to explore different approaches to the creative process, and how this in turn influences the final result. I avoid trying to express specific ideas as well as having total control over an image; For the most part, my paintings are the result of a chain of accidental marks that I arrange until I get a result that satisfies me. I try to make the images look simultaneously complete and in process... I'm interested in their suggestive potential and in allowing the viewer's interpretation to finish the work. 
My goal is for the images to produce an immediate aesthetic response, encouraging the viewer to engage with them and hopefully recognizing a part of themselves in them.

1000px mirar.jpg


SG retrato carlos soto.jpeg


2011, UCR (University of Costa Rica)

Bachellor of Arts

2015, UAL (University of the Arts London)

Master of Arts


2016, TCTL

Winner of the public art contest "Tu Ciudad: Tu Lienzo" with the work:
“Looking for the cat” that was painted  on the façade of the Hotel Presidente in San José

2015, Collective Exhibition

“The Reportager Award 2015”, University of the West of England

2015, Collective Exhibition

Bestiary, Chelsea College of Arts

2012, Collective Exhibition

“Grandes y Jóvenes del Arte Costarricense”, National Gallery

2011, “Desavenencias Ontológicas”

Exhibition of Painting and Photography together with the artist Pablo Murillo at the National Gallery

2010, AudioPerformance

Group performance with the collective "Nois Nois" in the Romerías de Mayo, Holguín, Cuba.



2018, Gigantes en la Ciudad

Publication of the book "Gigantes en la Ciudad" by Alma Mater publishing house

2018 - Present, University of Costa Rica

Graphic Design Career, Sede Interuniversitaria de Alajuela

Professor: Drawing, mural and painting courses

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